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Did you know that social media is one of the most popular platforms to market your business, reach out to more audience, increase conversions and generate leads?

Our social media management package offers a tailored social media strategy, which comprises of social media content creation and boosting of your business with compelling social media posts. 

It doesn’t matter the type of business you are into, our packages are ideal for all types of business that want to establish, maintain and grow their presence on social media. Our services are meant for your local businesses.

Social Media Monthly

Get started with social media marketing to have the contents tailored for your potential customers shared across different social media platforms. This package comes fully packed with features like profiles and tracking set up for Facebook. It also includes content generation for different social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Monthly Reporting
  • 8 Monthly Posts
  • Social Roadmapping
  • Pre-posting Approval System
  • Covers Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Done For You Hashtag Research
  • Visuals, Text, and Hashtags Done For You

Social Media Instagram (Add-on)

For our client’s social media monthly campaign, this package comes with an additional social media channel for Instagram.

  • Crosspost to Instagram

5 Additional Posts For Social Media Monthly (Add On)

With this service, we would offer our clients 5 additional posts for their social media monthly campaign every month.

  • 5 Additional Social Media Posts

Why opt for our social media packages?

With our social media packages, we get to integrate content marketing with our online marketing strategies thereby, drawing the much-needed attention for our clients businesses. 

Our content writers and content marketers work together as a team to create awareness for your products and services using different online tools, methods and strategies all at an affordable cost.

To build your brand a reputable social media presence, we offer services that cover:

  • Management of your various social media channels
  • Regular posting of compelling contents on your social media platforms
  • Maintaining uniqueness and originality of your social media contents
  • Sharing of such contents and ensuring that they are being published by different websites and blogs
  • Engaging your social media followers

With these and more we would transform your social media accounts into one that increases conversions, generates leads and finally gets those interested clients to patronise your business. 

Why wait? Make us your business social media account managers today.

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